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Owning an Apple phone is now the latest trend that seems to have gained a lot of popularity, not just among the youngsters, but also among the older generation. It is soon becoming a must-have device, as it does way more than an average device. An Apple Service Centre in Velachery will take great care to keep our devices well protected and if any of our gadgets end up getting scratched or damaged, we are often left upset. Once the diagnosis is completed we provide you details on the components damaged, an estimate of the repair and the probability of device getting repaired.

apple devices repair

We handle complex repairs related to your Macbook. Macbook repairs can take a little longer depending on the complexity.


Most of the an Apple repairs are done at Apple Service Centre in Velachery. Giving your expensive device in the hands of an experienced technician.


We repair all the models of iPads. Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle all complex repairs.


If you have dropped your Apple watch in water, damaged, or broken your Apple watch, contact us now to get it fixed by professional technicians.

About Us

Apple Service Centre in Velachery are systematic in their repairing process. With expert technicians, the time taken for repairing a device is not long. Most Apple users also invest in the product’s warranty which saves both time and money. It should be noted that Apple is known for giving its customers hassle-free after service.

  • 100% satisfied customers & Guarantee
  • Well Qualified and Professional Technicians
  • Devices will be completely sealed from dust and moisture
  • Original Parts for your Device
  • Efficiently redefine value-added internal or "organic" sources without.
  • No charges on Analysis and Opinions






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Device Fault Finding

The below check list are provided for the customer those are giving time. Please note thats not possible for onspot service.

Quality Checking Parts List

  • Network (Wifi & Antenna)
  • Speaker and Mic
  • Ringer
  • Vibration
  • Finger print
  • Camera (Front & Back)
  • Charging
  • All Physical Buttons
  • Touch & Display
  • Sim Trey
  • Screws (All)
  • Phone body dents & cracks

Apple Service

Screen Replacement

We don't provide second quality screens and offer replacement services for only high-quality an Apple Phone screens.

Battery Replacement

Replacing an Apple phone battery is a complex process and needs a clean environment with the right tools.

Charging Port Replacement

If your an Apple Phone isn't holding charge or if the battery is draining fast or if your an Apple Phone is not charging then the charging port of your an Apple Phone might need replacement. Contacts us to get it fix or replace.

apple iphone 12 water damage repair service
Camera Replacement

Approach an Apple Service Center in Velachery and solve your iPhone’s camera issues once and for all.

Speaker Replacement

If you have been facing issues with speaker and mic, we can amended them as well. With our support, you can have your phone working in the best possible way.

IOS Update/ Software Intall

It thus becomes crucial to avoid the same and many times, updated software and firmware help you deal with these security risks, as updated software usually comes with added security features.


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